Ayako Tani Glass Art mail
Calligraphic glass 4/
いろは the 50 phonetic symbols
Year 2011
Media Lampworked borosilicate glass
(H.W.D cm)
41 x 70 x 15 each

One of the most fascinating qualities I have found in lampworking is that the trace where the molten glass was stretched out – say, the ‘brush stroke’ of glass – remains in the space as a 3D object. Generally, brush strokes need support ( e.g. paper, canvas), and self-standing materials (e.g. metal, wood, stone) are not fluid enough to draw spontaneous strokes. Glass is a special medium which allows self-standing AND spontaneous strokes.

This work was made to introduce the new style of mark making on the occasion of the Writing 2011 symposium. It consists of 50 phonetic symbols of Japanese language. Each symbol was written with molten glass, cooled to set in the air (this happens in a few second), and they were joined together into one piece. Historically, calligraphic lines have been marked by ink on paper. This work would suggest that those conventional calligraphic lines might be freed from a surface by using glass instead of ink.

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